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Your pet’s ashes could grow into a living memorial.

The loss of a pet or animal companion is a very trying time. Many underestimate the connection we have with our loving companions. We too are animal lovers, and have sought out one of the most meaningful ways that you can honor their lives and years of companionship. Allow us to provide your pet with the fitting send off they deserve. The eternity kit provides the opportunity for your beloved pet’s ashes to become life again.

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How It Works

The eternity kit includes an ash neutralizing agent to combine with your pet’s ashes inside the organic, biodegradable capsule. This ensures optimal pH levels for plant growth. You then pour the included premium soil mix into the capsule along with the tree or plant of your choice. We suggest you plant a baby tree or baby plant instead of a seed because it is easier to care for and you will immediately see your pet’s ashes turned to life.

Why Full Circle?

This company was born from our own experiences and needs. We truly felt that we could not be the only ones that wanted to honor our loved ones and that did not know what to do with our pet’s ashes. While grieving, we wanted an easy and transparent way to purchase the products and services we desired to memorialize our companions. Surprisingly, this was difficult to find. Traditional funeral homes kept trying to sell us products we did not want and did not offer what we needed. Some even smirked when we were seeking services for our deceased pets.

We value all life and believe honoring our deceased is the ultimate final expression of love that we can offer.

Full Circle is the company I needed when my best friend Bonnie passed away. I will never forget their professionalism, understanding, and passion to help me through this dark time. They gave me ideas on how to celebrate the life of Bonnie, and I finally settled on their baby tree memorial. I can now look out through my window every day and see Bonnie’s final resting place and the new baby tree she is giving life to. Thank you Full Circle.

Alicia W.


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