We chose to celebrate his death and life with a living memorial and our dog’s ashes.

What do you do with your dog’s ashes? Losing your loving dog is such a difficult time. I went through the process quite recently, and it was my first time doing so. I was so lost when trying to figure out what to do with my best friend after he passed away. Where do I bring the body? How long does it take? What do I do with my dog’s ashes?

I made my way to my vet, who provided me with some much needed guidance. My vet told me I could have my pup cremated and returned to me. I later learned that if I had chosen cremation but not to have his ashes returned, they would have done a mass cremation with a bunch of other people’s puppies. This was the first lesson I learned during this difficult time.

Ask for your dog’s ashes to be returned to you.

The vet later provided me with the option to have my dog’s ashes in an urn or a wooden box. I instinctively went with the wooden box, and two weeks later, our boy was back home with us, in a box.

A month had gone by and we started to look at this box and wonder what we should do with our dog’s ashes. We never meant for him to just become a furniture piece that moved around our home, like a decorative piece. This is when we began to research and learn. There are so many creative and loving ways you can utilize your dog’s ashes. From incorporating into jewellery to developing a coral reef to spreading them around the world. We have many family and friends that much prefer to keep their dogs’ ashes in an urn on their mantle, but it wasn’t quite right for us.

In the end, we decided that we wanted to give new life to our dog and grow a tree with his ashes. We wanted to continue making memories with our pup and have him return to the outdoors. After much investigation, we were lucky discover that we couldn’t just bury him in our backyard as his remains were toxic.

That’s when we developed the Eternity Kit.

The Eternity Kit is an all in one solution to to plant your loving dog’s ashes alongside a hand-picked tree.

The package contains a neutralizing agent that allows for your dog’s ashes to be neutralized and serve as nutrients for this beautiful tree.

Now that our loving dog is planted out back, we visit him daily. We were able to use the planting ceremony to help teach the kids about life and death, and it helped to relieve some of their pain. Now, instead of walking him, we water him regularly.

We recognize that each of us deals with grief differently. Full Circle is attempting to showcase all the different ways you can pay tribute to your loved ones. Whether that’s a living memorial, a diamond grown from their ashes, a hand-made casket to bury your loved one, or even glass blown pieces. We want to remove all of the research for you so you can use your dog’s ashes in the most ideal way for you and your loved ones. Finding that perfect way to pay your respects and celebrate their memory is what we strive to do.

Are there any unique ways that you’ve used your dog’s ashes?