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The Eternity Kit is a uniquely compassionate way to honor your pet. Their cremated essence, irrespective when they passed, can nourish a baby-tree or baby-plant into a glorious representation of your love. You can now give your furry loved one new meaning and life.

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This particular kit does not include a tree or a plant. You may use a tree or plant of your choice.

Once you order and receive this Eternity Kit you will combine the cremated essence of your pet and a proprietary soil mix into an organic capsule. You will then plant your separately purchased baby plant or tree which will eventually be nourished by your loved one’s cremated essence. Your loved one will give birth to new life.

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The Eternity Kit is uniquely compassionate way to honor your pet. Whether your loved one recently passed away or many years ago, you can give them new meaning in a memorial they deserve. With your purchase you will receive a complete system that will enable you to plant your pet’s ashes alongside a plant or tree you purchase separately. Your loved one’s essence will nourish the tree as it grows into a glorious representation of your love. Your loved one will give birth to new life.

Eternity Kit Includes

The kit consists of a bamboo cylinder keepsake, an organic biodegradable capsule, ash neutralizing mix, premium soil growth mix, and aged wood chips.

* Please note that no tree or plant is included in the purchase price. 

How the Eternity Kit Works

  1. The eternity kit includes an ash neutralizing agent that you mix with your pet’s ashes inside the biodegradable organic capsule provided. This ensures optimal pH levels to grow a plant.
  2. You then pour the included premium growth mix into the capsule and begin planting the tree or plant of your choice.
  3. You insert the capsule with the plant and mix inside a planter or on the earth, as you would a regular plant.
  4. When your baby plant and soil mix are in place, you may use the aged wood chips to put on top of the soil, surrounding the plant. This helps your plant retain the moisture from the soil which therefore helps the plant grow.
  5. We suggest you plant a baby tree or baby plant instead of a seed because it is easier to care for and you will immediately see how your pet’s ashes have become life.

Please read the Additional Information section to find the kit’s dimensions.

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions9 × 9 × 15 in

Bamboo Cylinder, Organic Capsule, Ash Neutralizing Mix, Premium Growth Mix, Aged Wood Chips


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