How do you remember your pet?

Losing a loving pet is one of the most painful times in our lives. Over the years they have helped us to create countless shining memories. But, now they have passed on. They have helped us through our worst days, and have celebrated with us on our best. The impact they have had on our lives is undeniable and their absent presence is unmistakeable.

We know your pain. We know all too well the loss you feel now that your loving companion has passed on, and sincerely empathize with you. It’s always comforting to think of them and remember them as they were when they were by our side.

How would you describe your pet?
How was his or her personality?
What made them special?

Only an owner would know how our little furry babies were different and unique.

How would those closets to you describe your loved one?

It’s always interesting to ask friends and those closest to you how they viewed the little one. It gives you a fresh perspective and may bring warm memories you had forgotten about. Reminiscing is good for the soul.

Do consider how you’d like to memorialize your baby. Each and every one of them deserves something special that can resemble the love they shared with you. Our friends have chosen to memorialize their furry companions with the eternity kit and have chosen a tree or a plant that resembles their unique personalities. We have seen pictures sent to us from people that chose to remember their pets as ferns, sycamore trees, and even willow trees. Their memories live on in a place where people that loved them can go and visit to remember their time together. Others have decided to remember their babies inside their house with interior plants that they can see and touch every day.

Please share with us your experience, your thoughts, your pain. This is a safe space to share.