Your loving dog was the one that celebrated with you on your best days. Gave you the strength to survive your worst. Shared with you their unconditional love and infectious affection. But… now they’re gone. Your friend, child, and companion is no longer around. It hurts. That pain and emptiness you’re feeling is excruciating. We know it all too well. Pet loss is one of the toughest situations to endure.

How do you memorialize such a special friend? How can you truly keep their memory alive while working through your grief?

While traditional caskets and urns are thoughtful options, they’re not quite right. They focus on saying good bye and permanently close the chapter on your best friend’s life. Our loving companions deserve more. Their lives need to be celebrated and memories cherished. Not just mourned for their death. Pet loss should not be a complete loss. They have earned the right to be remembered and stay a part of our lives.

What if there was a way you could do both? A way to mourn their death with a burial AND give birth to new life to keep their memory alive?