My pet died. I’m devastated. Now what?
Let’s be honest – we all hate to even think about this topic. However, it’s better to be prepared than be caught without a plan. After all, it makes it easier to mourn while having a plan than to scramble last minute, especially when you have children who are also grieving. Pet owners  that suddenly lost their companion are now caught in a moment of both intense grivance, but also having to think – and fast – about what to do with the remains, how to explain it to the kids, what could be a special goodbye for my little buddy, my family member?

What do I do with my pet’s remains?

Though it is a new concept for many pet owners, remembering one’s beloved pet through the use of things like pet urns, pet headstones, pet caskets, and other pet memorials is becoming an increasingly popular thing to do. This article aims to help remove some of the mystery and perhaps discomfort of pet cremation urns and present a variety of ways you could honor the memory of your beloved companion.
Although we may have many rituals for mourning the loss of a loved one, some pet owners hold funerals, burials, or cremations. In this article we’ll discuss a few unique, beautiful, and economically attainable memorials for you to consider.

Pet cremation and biodegradable urns 

This memorializing method is natural, eco-friendly, and can create new life to commemorate your pet. Every state and city has a service that you can quickly search for on the internet that will cremate your pet and return you the ashes. You can then put the ashes into these biodegradable containers, follow a few instructions, and plant them along with a tree or plant in your backyard or at a park where you can always visit your pet’s memorial. We have found that it is also easier to explain to children who are in the grieving process how life can create new life. And it provides a place for you and your family to always visit and remember your furry companion.

The Eternity Kit – Watch A Tree Grow

Pet's Ashes

Biodegradable Urn for Water Burial – Bury at Sea

Keepsakes – Pet cremation and keepsakes

Keepsakes can be kept around the home or on you and come in a wide variety of options suitable to memorialize all types of pets. While your vet may provide cremation services and keepsakes options, these are often expensive and might not provide you with choices. We recommend you seek for cremation services in your area and find a keepsake you will love from the internet.
Here is a keepsakes we liked because it includes a photo, a paw print, and storage:

This pet memorial urn includes a photo, storage box for their favorite toys, and a paw print kit

This beautiful stainless steel memorial is more traditional and can withstand normal environmental conditions, wear and tear, while displaying a remembrance quote.

Make jewelry

Several jewelers will make a mold from your dog’s tooth and turn it into a silver replica that you can wear. Bracelets, necklaces, and pendants can be made with resin or glass, while there is a massive variety of jewelry that can hold a bit of your pet’s cremains. Here we’ve picked two pieces of jewelry we love that can hold your furry companion’s remains that you can carry with you.

Keepsake Pendant for Pets – holds a portion of their cremated ashes

Sterling Silver Cremation Jewelry for Pet

Get a replica

There are artists that create felted animal replicas that seem very lifelike. Some will even place your furry friend’s ashes inside the sculpture or incorporate soem of their fur as felt. Usually you can find these artists on platforms like Etsy.

Commemorate with words

Some individuals may wish to have a poem written in remembrance of their pet. A poem could be framed or  included as part of a book.

Remembrance Picture Frame You were My Favorite Hello and My Hardest Goodbye

This book, although it won’t hold your pet’s remains, is especially useful with children

Make diamonds

Several companies will turn your animal companion’s ashes into lab-created diamonds using carbon heated to extremely high temperatures. Usually, you can select the size, cut, and color, and even incorporate it into a piece of jewelry.

Load a bullet with ashes

Did your beloved dog love to go out hunting with you? Some grieving pet owners have their late dog’s ashes loaded into bullets.

Stainless steel bullets

Millitary style bullets

Rose Gold Jewelry Bullet